LIFE AGRISED met Luca Sittoni – 2 August 2021

Cristina Macci and Grazia Masciandaro, CNR-IRET researchers involved in the LIFE AGRISED project, organized and participated in the online meeting of 2 August 2021, during which they met Luca Sittoni, senior advisor in the Ecosystem and Sediment Dynamics department of Deltares (Netherlands) and Program Manager and member of the EcoShape Management Team. Cristina Macci and […]

LIFE AgriSed at the LIFE Zeowine project “Risultati della prima annualità” workshop – 28 January 2020

During the workshop organized by the LIFE Zeowine project team, which was held in San Miniato (Italy) on 28 January, the results obtained during the first year of the project have been presented. The LIFE ZEOWINE project aims to improve the protection and management of the soil, the well-being of the vine and the quality […]