LIFE AgriSed at the LIFE Zeowine project “Risultati della prima annualità” workshop – 28 January 2020

During the workshop organized by the LIFE Zeowine project team, which was held in San Miniato (Italy) on 28 January, the results obtained during the first year of the project have been presented. The LIFE ZEOWINE project aims to improve the protection and management of the soil, the well-being of the vine and the quality of grapes and wine through the application of an innovative product, obtained by composting waste from the wine supply chain and zeolite.

The event also proved to be an exceptional opportunity to create relationships and synergies between LIFE and non-LIFE projects. During the day (here the program) a substantial session of presentations has been dedicated to networking. The participating projects were:

  • LIFE VITISOM, which proposes a system of management of organic fertilization aimed at contrasting the erosion of organic matter and improving the homogeneity and quality of the vineyards;
  • LIFE GREEN GRAPES, aimed at demonstrating the validity of the integration of radical microbial associations and use of leaf products able to induce resistance to reduce up to 50% synthetic chemical inputs in the antifungal defense;
  • FERTIBIO, which aims to develop and validate innovative biological fertilizers – able to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and the derived environmental pollution – obtained starting from microorganisms and biomaterials for the cultivation of herbaceous, vegetable and fodder species;
  • and our LIFE AGRISED, presented by Dr. Francesco Paolo Nicese as representative of the University of Florence DAGRI and of the entire project team (here the presentation).

Here are some photos of the event.