The LIFE AgriSed project online workshop was a great success! – 7 December 2020

The workshop organized by the LIFE AgriSed project has been held online on Monday 7 December 2020 (click here for the program and for more information). The event gathered more than 150 participants: citizens, agronomists and foresters, researchers and scientists.   The LIFE AgriSed project sincerely thanks all the participants, whose support and contribution are […]

LIFE AgriSed presentation at the TVIP 2019 conference in Hustopece (Czech Republic) – 19-21 March 2019

EPS took part in the TVIP 2019 event – TÝDEN VĚDY IN INOVACÍ PRO PRAXI IN ŽIVOTNÍ PROSTŘEDÍ (Science and Innovation Week for Practice and Environment) held in Hustopece, Czech Republic, attended by about 170 operators of the sector. The event, in addition to representing an opportunity to disseminate informative material and gadgets of the […]

Meeting with Francesco Bellino, Officer and Agronomist of the Puglia Region, at the headquarters of the Region in Bari (Italy) – 31 January 2019

Meeting with Francesco Bellino, Officer and Agronomist of the Puglia Region, at the headquarters of the Region in Bari Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, first researcher of the CNR of Pisa, met Francesco Bellino on 31 January 2019. During the meeting she described the Agrised project and its objectives, main actions and expected results. In particular, the […]

LIFE AgriSed at Envishop seminar in Prague (Czech Republic) – 13 December 2018

LIFE AgriSed at the Prague Envishop seminar On December 13th 2018, the Envishop2018 seminar took place in Prague. The event (the invitation and the program available here) represented an important opportunity to present the objectives and expected results of the AgriSed project to the operators of the environmental sector: 42 participants took part in the […]

European Kick-off of LIFE2017 projects in Bruxelles (Belgium) – 06 November 2018

LIFE AgriSed takes part in the European kick-off meeting held on 6 November at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Brussels LIFE AgriSed was presented at the European kick-off of LIFE17 projects by Dr. Stefano Lucchetti, project manager for the Agri Vivai coordinator. The event, held at the Crowne Plaza Brussels hotel, represented an opportunity for […]

Life AgriSed at the INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 in Vienna (Austria) – 30-31 ottobre 2018

Life AgriSed at INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 Thanks to the participation as speaker of Dr. Grazia Masciandaro, first researcher at the CNR of Pisa, Life AgriSed has been present at the INDTECH 2018 conference (“INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 – Innovative industries for smart growth“), which took place on the 30th and 31st October in Vienna. The intervention […]