LIFE AgriSed presentation at the TVIP 2019 conference in Hustopece (Czech Republic) – 19-21 March 2019

EPS took part in the TVIP 2019 event – TÝDEN VĚDY IN INOVACÍ PRO PRAXI IN ŽIVOTNÍ PROSTŘEDÍ (Science and Innovation Week for Practice and Environment) held in Hustopece, Czech Republic, attended by about 170 operators of the sector. The event, in addition to representing an opportunity to disseminate informative material and gadgets of the LIFE AgriSed project, has allowed EPS to illustrate its objectives and expected results, thanks to the presentation of an article (available at the following link) and of a poster in the “Circular Economy” section.

Below is a brief presentation about the dissemination activity carried out and the developed poster.

In addition, article “Využití vytěžených sedimentů k produkci inovativních substrátů a technosolů pro rostlinné školky a rekultivace – projekt EU Life AGRISED” has been published in conjunction with the event.