The second Technical course of the LIFE AGRISED project organized by Agri Vivai and MCM Ecosistemi – 9 February 2021

Thanks to the close collaboration between Agri Vivai and MCM Ecosistemi, the second Italian technical course focused on technosols was organized in the framework of the LIFE AGRISED project (here the program)! The course was held on Wednesday 9 February completely online, in order to guarantee the safety conditions for the participants (also in light […]

The LIFE AgriSed project online workshop was a great success! – 7 December 2020

The workshop organized by the LIFE AgriSed project has been held online on Monday 7 December 2020 (click here for the program and for more information). The event gathered more than 150 participants: citizens, agronomists and foresters, researchers and scientists.   The LIFE AgriSed project sincerely thanks all the participants, whose support and contribution are […]

The progress of January 2019 in the construction of the Agrised plants of m.c.m. Ecosistemi

Work on the construction of the plants continued in December and January at m.c.m. Ecosistemi.   Calibration tests have begun on the laboratory reconstitution pilot plant.   The installation of data acquisition systems (dataloggers) on the panels started; they will be placed in the laboratory to control the evolution of the reconstituted soil in the […]

Life Agrised plants under construction at m.c.m. Ecosistemi

Life Agrised plants under construction at m.c.m. Ecosistemi At the headquarters of m.c.m. Ecosistemi, experimental demonstration plants for the LIFE Agrised project are being prepared. In particular: the demonstration plant for the construction of the reconstitution has entered the painting phase; the pre-mixer machinery for preparing the land to be reconstituted has arrived; the soil […]