The Project

The AGRISED project aims at demonstrate the suitability of dredged sediments to be used with no intervention or co-composted with green waste to produce innovative technosols usable in the reclamation of degraded land and brownfields and as innovative growing media for plant nursery. The performance of the innovative sediment-based growing media and of reconstituted soil will be […]

The Objectives

The specific objectives are: To demonstrate the suitability of sediments reclaimed with a co-composting process, to perform as fertile ingredient for growing ornamental plants To guarantee transferability and replicability of dredged sediment and use, by providing technical training and supporting tools for the case-to-case identification and implementation of the best technique and by using all media […]

LIFE Programme

The European Union provides funding for environmental and nature conservation projects through its LIFE Programme. The Programme was set up in 1992 to fund projects in the EU – and in some candidate and neighbouring countries. The fourth phase of the programme, known as LIFE+, covers 2007-2013, and has a budget of €2 143 million. At […]