The Objectives

The specific objectives are:

  1. To demonstrate the suitability of sediments reclaimed with a co-composting process, to perform as fertile ingredient for growing ornamental plants
  2. To guarantee transferability and replicability of dredged sediment and use, by providing technical training and supporting tools for the case-to-case identification and implementation of the best technique and by using all media available to actively transfer knowledge at all levels, local,
    national and European
  3. To highlight the current legislative and technical reasons for hindrance in the re-use of dredged sediments as raw materials for creating technosols and as ingredients of plant growing media, and will produce guidelines for their safe. To contribute to the current revision of the European fertilizer legislation, which will also include growing media and soil amendments
  4. To increase awareness and support plant nursery and soil sectors providing cost-effective solutions that include more efficient techniques that may also improve profitability
  5. To identify and involve all relevant stakeholders related to plant nursery and soil sectors issues. This in turn will aim to integrate social, environmental and economic components of the sediments, plant nursery and soil sectors