The campaign of CNR for the sustainability of the AGRISED project

The AGRISED project closes with an awareness campaign targeting relevant stakeholders and representatives of authorities and public bodies, fundamental for the future sustainability of the LIFE AGRISED project.

Grazia Masciandaro had a series of visits during which she illustrated the results of the AGRISED project and transferred information for the future exploitation of the solutions developed. Below are some photos.

Grazia Masciandaro and Claudia Marchetti, head of the “Public works, civil protection and environment” service of the Municipality of Calci (Pisa, Italy)


Grazia Masciandaro and Claudia Fiorentino, Purification Interventions, Sludge, Energy Efficiency and PNRR section for Acquedotto Pugliese


Grazia Masciandaro and Salvatore Pisano, CEO of Navicelli Srl