LIFE AgriSed presented to Stefania Saccardi, vice president and councilor for agri-food of the Tuscany Region – 12 October 2021

On Tuesday 12 October 2021 a visit was held at the Agribios agricultural cooperative, commercial partner of Agri Vivai and supplier of the green waste used in the co-composting trials of the LIFE AgriSed project.

Agribios, thanks to its shredding and screening plant, provides its members with a service for the recovery and enhancement of green waste. Operating since 2017, today it has over 140 member companies, of which about 90% are nurseries.


The visit was attended by Stefania Saccardi (vice president and councilor for agri-food of the Tuscany Region), Patrizio Mecacci (Agri-food Department of Legacoop Toscana) and Daniele Lombardi (Director of Confagricoltura Pistoia), as well as Stefania Marchionni (president of Agribios), Paolo Fedi (director of the Agribios production cycle) and Stefano Lucchetti (agricultural technician of Agri Vivai and technical manager of the LIFE AGRISED project).


This was a great opportunity to dialogue with institutions and policy makers about the circular economy and the environmental sustainability: Stefano Lucchetti presented the LIFE AgriSed project to participants, detailing the objectives, actions and results obtained. All the participants agreed on the need to adopt solutions and technologies that minimize the production of waste and the environmental impact and to provide support to initiatives such as that of the LIFE AgriSed project and to virtuous production models such as that of the Agribios cooperative.


On the cover Stefano Lucchetti with Stefania Saccardi. Here the press release issued by Agri Vivai.

Below are some photos taken during the visit.