LIFE AgriSed at the event “Difesa delle piante, una nuova realtà” held in Pistoia – 19 December 2019

The meeting “Difesa delle piante, una nuova realtà” (“Defense of plants, a new reality”) was held on Thursday 19 December at the Agri Vivai headquarters. The event was attended by nearly 40 nurserymen and technicians, coming from the most important production companies in the Pistoia nursery district.

During the event the Agri Vivai technicians (Samuel Marradi, Sara Vanarelli and Monica Meozzi) illustrated the general objectives and results of the LIFE AgriSed project, providing also an update on the ongoing actions and the progress made. Various expressions of interest were gathered from the audience, strengthening trust and encouraging the LIFE AgriSed team to continue their initiative.