LIFE AgriSed presented to the Apulian nurserymen – July 2021

Agri Vivai organized an information campaign held during July 2021 and dedicated to the nurserymen from Apulia (Italy).

Giancarlo Bercigli, member of the Agri Vivai team, visited several of the most important nurseries in southern Italy, presenting the objectives, actions and results of the LIFE AGRISED project to the companies.

The nurserymen have shown themselves to be aware of the necessity to shift towards a more sustainable cultivation model, based on the replacement of peat with alternative substrates that have less impact on the environment.

Agri Vivai organized this campaign convinced that innovations must not remain only in laboratories or experimental fields, but that they must be presented to professional users to collect their suggestions: their feedback allows us to improve and further fine tune our proposal and our technology!


Below are some photos taken during the visits.