m.c.m. Ecosistemi

Since 1997, agrarian and industrial ecology is the sector in which m.c.m. Ecosistemi stands out with rigor and professionalism. The authority of m.c.m. Ecosistemi is attested by certification, accreditation, authorizations and registrations in institutional records that authorize it to carry out special work.

m.c.m. Ecosistemi is always ready to face every challenge to offer the best solution by making reliability and fairness an unmistakable business connotation. m.c.m. Ecosistemi, thanks to the development of the pedological sector, has for years developed systems of processing, treatment of the agricultural land and not, aimed at the fight of the degradation and the desertification of the soil; the activity sees m.c.m. Ecosistemi operating in different areas of Italy thanks to the application of technologies born from the study and theoretical and applied research.

With the patented technologies, m.c.m. Ecosistemi regain entire areas of renaturalization and agricultural productivity by returning unsolved and degraded areas to naturalistic or agronomic use. m.c.m. Ecosistemi sites have made interventions where vast areas of land have been affected.