LIFE AgriSed at the “Sanační technologie XXII” Conference in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic) – 22-24 May 2019

The EPS team took part in the twenty-second conference “Sanační technologie XXII” (Remediation Technologies XXII) which took place between May 22nd and 24th in Uherské Hradiště in the Czech Republic. The main topics of the conference have been national and European legislation about the removal of environmental liabilities and the comparison between the new reclamation technologies and those normally used in the practice of Czech and Slovak companies.

The event, in addition to being an important opportunity for the dissemination of the objectives and expected results of the LIFE AgriSed project to the audience of about 220 people, permits to come into contact with very important environmental authorities and policy makers.

Ministry of Environment CZ, Director of the Department of Environmental Risks, Ing.Karel Bláha, CSc.


The delegation of Ministry of Environment SK, Director General of the Section of Geology and Natural Resources, RNDr. Vlasta Jánová, PhD (next to K.Waska (EPS))


Ministry of Finance CZ, Department of Implementation of Environmental Liabilities, Ing. Ilona Mičánková (in the midle)



Ministry of Trade and Industry CZ, Department of Ecology, RNDr. Marcela Blahutová (in the midle)


Slovak Environmental Agency, Ing.arch. Elena Bradiaková (on the right), LIFE AgriSed presentation at the company booth


For the occasion, the article “Využití vytěžených sedimentů k produkci inovativních substrátů a technosolů pro rostlinné školky a rekultivace – projekt EU Life AGRISED” has been also presented.