Completion of the co-composting trial in Czech Republic and preparation of the cultivation Trials

Despite the difficulties related to the COVID emergency, the activities foressen in the LIFE AgriSed project continue.

The green waste and sediment co-composting trial conducted in the Czech Republic is currently reaching the final stages, and the compost is almost ready for the start of the first cultivation trials in Czech Republic and Italy. In order to determine the degree of maturation and the chemical-physical characteristics of the Czech product, the EPS team continued to periodically collect and send samples of the three types of co-composts to the Italian beneficiaries. In the photo, Stefano Lucchetti and Stefano Carcangiu, from the Agri Vivai team, prepare the samples received from EPS to be sorted towards the laboratories of the beneficiaries involved.


At the same time, Agri Vivai, UNIFI, Gorini and EPS continued the development of the shared cultivation protocol. In addition to drafting a written protocol, Francesco Nicese and Lapo Azzini (UNIFI) recorded together with Paolo Gorini (GORINI) some short video tutorials on the most important stages of the cultivation trials, which have been shared with the EPS team.


Agri Vivai continued the dissemination activity, with the production of some project gadgets and the presentation of AgriSed informative material to its customers in the nursery district of Pistoia. In the photo below, Stefano Lucchetti at the Agnelli and Borborini nursery.